Member of Parliament for Amber Valley


FIFA – Allegations of Corruption

Following the Queen’s Speech and the State Opening of Parliament, it was back to Parliamentary business in the House on Wednesday. Following the news of the FIFA indictment by the US Authorities this week, a number of constituents have contacted me about these revelations and I took the opportunity to represent my constituents’ views in Parliament. I asked the new Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport, the Rt Hon. John Whittingdale MP about the revelations and the future of FIFA; whether FIFA can re-establish its reputation or whether UEFA and other organisation should take this opportunity to form a new global football body.

Football is the nation’s favourite sport and we have a number of excellent grass-root clubs here in Amber Valley and I think it is a shame when all of this hard work is overshadowed by corruption and wrong-doing at the very top of the sport. I hope to see steps to re-establish the sport’s reputation following these allegations and welcome the Secretary of State’s desire to see that happen.

You can the full text of this exchange by clicking here.