Member of Parliament for Amber Valley


Queen’s Speech and State Opening of Parliament

Last week saw the Queen visit Parliament to perform the official State Opening of Parliament, which marks the formal start of the Parliamentary session and includes the Queen’s Speech –which sets out the Government’s legislative agenda over the coming year.

I was particularly pleased by the inclusion of legislation for an EU Referendum Bill and the Tax Lock Commitment. These, alongside a number of other welcome pieces of legislation introduced in the Queen’s Speech, will do a great deal to help the people of Amber Valley.

This Queen’s Speech shows that we are delivering on the manifesto promises we were elected on and helping hard working people, including:
• Laws to cut taxes for 30 million people;
• A Bill to reduce the benefits cap from £26,000 a year to £23,000;
• A tax lock commitment preventing income tax, VAT or national insurance rises for the next 5 years;
• Increased hours of free childcare for working families;
• 3 million more apprenticeships and;
• Measures to tackle the incentives for foreign migrants come to the UK.

These were all issues which came up repeatedly on the doorstep over the election period and key promises we made to you in our manifesto.

This Queen’s Speech delivered a clear vision for what this Conservative Government will do to support aspirational and hard-working people, delivering security and opportunity for everyone at every stage of their life.

If you’d like to read the full text of the Queen’s Speech you can do so by clicking here.