Member of Parliament for Amber Valley


Community Litter Picking

Many constituents regularly contact me about the awful issue of litter on our streets and parks.

I’m pleased that Amber Valley Borough Council carry out regular clean ups of many places, and respond to reports of fly-tipping and build ups of litter (most notably on the infamous A38!).

Nevertheless, during the summer recess, to discuss and see the problems for myself, and lend a helping hand to the council employees, I met Cllr Trevor Ainsworth (Deputy Leader of Amber Valley Borough Council), on Charnwood Drive in Ripley.

Over a few hours in the area, we collected six bags of litter, including several discarded disposable barbecues and hundreds of empty plastic bottles.

If there are any litter hotspots near you, please let me know by emailing or ringing my office on 01773 744341 and I can ask Amber Valley Borough Council to step up patrols and signage in the area – and I’ll try to arrange a volunteer team to clean particularly problematic areas with me!

Nigel and Cllr Trevor Ainsworth with the six bags of litter collected from Charnwood Drive play area