Member of Parliament for Amber Valley


Visit to McDonald’s in Somercotes

I had the pleasure of visiting the McDonald’s restaurant in Somercotes on Tuesday to see how its business works.

While I was there, I spoke with the owner of the restaurant, Jacqui Moore (pictured above), about her own experiences of running a restaurant business in the area. I also had the pleasure of speaking to members of staff in the store, one of whom was kind enough to teach me how to make a Big Mac (also pictured above).

The McDonald’s employs 95 members of staff, providing much-needed employment for people in Somercotes and the surrounding area. It was also good to discuss how people have worked through the McDonald’s training programme and have become managers and the members of Jacqui’s team who have been rewarded for their outstanding work by being part of the team working at the McDonald’s at the Olympic Park.

From my experience of making my own Big Mac I saw how strict McDonald’s guidelines are on food safety and delivering a product of consistent quality – I think I’d need a lot more practice before I could work there!