Member of Parliament for Amber Valley


Unemployment continues to fall in Amber Valley

Yesterday, the ONS released the latest figures on unemployment in Britain.

I’m delighted to say that unemployment is continuing to fall here in my constituency. After the success of my second Amber Valley Jobs Fair in March, we saw it fall in April to 2.9%, in May to 2.7%, and in June to 2.5%.

That means that unemployment has been nearly halved since the election in 2010, when it was 4.9%.

More of my constituents now have the security of a monthly pay-packet, and it’s further evidence that our plan is working.

The number of jobs created in the private sector under this Government has reached 2 million – something that the Labour Party said was impossible.

The job is not yet done – I will continue to work with local businesses to do whatever I can to help them take on more employees, and I will of course hold another jobs fair.