Member of Parliament for Amber Valley


Train Stations Announcement

On 29th March I asked the Secretary of State for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin MP, whether the announcement of a new station at Ilkeston would impact negatively on my constituents’ access to services from Alfreton and Langley Mill. My worry was that train companies may wish to remove stops from certain routes so that journey times weren’t adversely affected by the introduction of a new station.

Below is an account of my exchange with the Minister:

Nigel Mills MP: “Although I welcome the new station for Derbyshire, can the Secretary of State assure me that it will not be serviced at the expense of two other stations on that line, namely, Alfreton and Langley Mill?”

Patrick McLoughlin MP (Secretary of State for Transport; Derbyshire Dales, Conservative): “I think that that was a welcome for the new station and for the greater investment. Of course one always has to strike a balance when these cases are put forward, but I think that Ilkeston, Derbyshire county council and my hon. Friend Jessica Lee made a strong case for why Ilkeston should be successful. The case was judged by a panel that did not include me, and I am very pleased that Ilkeston has been successful.”

I will of course continue to make the case for ensuring that stations in my constituency aren’t adversely affected by the welcome addition of a station to Ilkeston.