Member of Parliament for Amber Valley


Scrapping of the 3p fuel duty rise

The Government has announced that the planned fuel duty rise on 1 August has been scrapped and fuel duty frozen for the rest of the year  – this means that 12p of rises planned by Labour while they were in power have been scrapped by the Government.

I met with the Chancellor a couple of weeks ago to impress upon him the difficulties the current petrol price is causing to families and businesses in Amber Valley and to urge him to reconsider the rise. While prices are this high there is no justification for any further rises in duty, especially where the various threats in the Middle East could cause another price spike.

The cost of scrapping this rise is being met from savings in departmental budgets being higher than forecast.

I also urge the Government to press on with actions to ensure fuel companies pass on reductions in the oil price to customers at the pumps as fast as they pass on increases.