Member of Parliament for Amber Valley


Public Sector Pay Rises

Many constituents have recently contacted me regarding their concerns about last week’s votes on the Queen’s Speech, and Labour’s amendments to it regarding public sector pay.

The votes in the House of Commons last Wednesday and Thursday related to the Queen’s speech to establish the Government’s legislative programme for the next 2 years. If the Government fails to win the votes on the Queen’s speech, it is considered not to have the support of Parliament and therefore the Prime Minister would resign.

The Labour amendment on public sector pay, and the voting down of it, has not in any way set any public sector pay rises in the coming year. These will be set, based on advice from the Public Sector pay review bodies, later in the year.

I said publicly during the election campaign that I do not believe below-inflation pay rises can any longer be justified given that we are 8 years on from the economic crash. I will therefore continue to impress upon Government ministers the need to revert to pay rises in line with inflation as soon as possible.

In reference to the cheering in the chamber, I left immediately following the vote. I believe strongly in the passion, commitment, and specialist knowledge of our nurses, firefighters, police and all public sector workers and will continue to raise this serious issue with ministerial colleagues.