Member of Parliament for Amber Valley


Prime Minister in Riddings

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I was delighted to greet the Prime Minister when he visited Amber Valley on Monday 16th April to launch the Conservative local election campaign. In his speech to activists, the Prime Minister said of Derbyshire: “This is the real heart of England. A placed of hard work, independent minds and strong communities. A place where people want government on their side, but know it cannot be the answer to every problem. A place where people want jobs in growing businesses, good homes and strong families – not a life waiting for welfare handouts.”

He went on to outline the case for voting Conservative in the local elections: “And Friends – these are Conservative ambitions. Here in Amber Valley it’s Labour that let people down and the Conservatives who are delivering the change this country needs. It’s a local Conservative council that’s frozen council tax for the third year running. Under Labour, it doubled. So don’t let anyone claim the Conservative party doesn’t speak for people in every part of Britain. Because we are the proud party of this one nation. We will always defend it.”

You can read the Prime Minister’s speech in full here.

After his launch of the local election campaign, the Prime Minister and I went to visit David Nieper of Alfreton for a tour of its site and a question and answer session with employees. Reflecting on his visit to the factory, the Prime Minister said: “It is a brilliant manufacturer of clothing and I was also impressed by the design service they offer, the manufacturing, the selling – they do everything. It is a hard-working company.”