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Nigel’s April Newsletter & Election Update

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Dear Constituent,

Welcome to my latest newsletter to keep you updated on my work in Parliament and around Amber Valley.

As always, you’ll find a selection of what I’ve been up to over the last month and details of upcoming events. You’ll also find the usual information about my columns and how to get in touch.

General Election – 8th June 2017:

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, recently called a General Election for the 8th June 2017. It is now clear that we must have a period of strong and stable leadership to enable the Government to secure the best possible European exit deal. I therefore fully support Theresa May’s decision to hold an early General Election in June, in order to strengthen Britain’s hand during Brexit negotiations, both at home and abroad.

I can confirm I will be seeking re-election as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Amber Valley. Thank you to everyone who continues to support me and I look forward to the campaign that lies ahead.

County Council elections – THIS THURSDAY 4th May 2017:

Polls will be open from 7am to 10pm this Thursday in the Derbyshire County Council elections. Every Division in Derbyshire is up for election, so everywhere in Amber Valley will be electing a new County Councillor.

Please don’t forget to vote – you can find your polling station here.

Future housing in Amber Valley – Draft Core Strategy Consultation:

Following Amber Valley Borough Council’s publication of, and consultation on, their draft Core Strategy, which sets out the plan for future housing in the area, I have also submitted my comments and concerns to the Council.

In particular, I’m concerned about the proposals to build on the Green Belt land at Cinderhill, near Denby. I have always been clear that our Green Belt land should not be developed, and that our brownfield sites should be regenerated instead to provide the housing we need. I remain committed to fighting to protect our Green Belt, and I strongly oppose these draft proposals.

Ripley Health Services, Jessop Medical Centre & Ripley Hospital:

Many constituents have recently contacted me about the future of local healthcare services in Ripley following the news of the proposal by the Jessop Medical Practice to close their Ripley surgery, and the rumoured threats to the future of Ripley Hospital.

I am fully committed to seeing improved health services right across Amber Valley, including easier access to GPs as well as retaining and improving health facilities. This is why during the previous Parliament I campaigned to get Heanor Memorial Hospital rebuilt, and work on the new health care facility is due to be completed by the end of this year.

Local community hospitals like Ripley, including the Minor Injuries Unit, are also critical to making future plans for more health services in the community work. There is no threat to its future, and the Trust that runs it have confirmed this.

I regret that Jessop Medical Practice are consulting on closing their Ripley site and operating only from Leabrooks, considering this to be the best option for their future. I have met with Jessop, with the Clinical Commissioning Group and the Ivy Grove surgery to discuss the impact these changes will have on patients in Ripley. All of these organisations were committed to working to ensure that any patient that needs to see a GP in Ripley will be able to do so. I have also discussed with them the potential uses for space left at the Primary Care Centre and my belief that this should be used to provide additional outpatient appointments in Ripley if at all possible.

I am therefore optimistic that health care provision in the Ripley area will improve and increase in the coming years. You can read my full post on the future of community health services in Ripley here.

Visit to SIG Housing:

I recently visited SIG Housing’s Somercotes base to see how they’re helping to provide some of the new homes we need.

It was great to see a local business with excellent growth prospects, which can make a real contribution to tackling the housing shortage by building quality housing in a factory setting, meaning houses can be constructed to a high standard very quickly.

SIG Housing

Ladbrokes Charity Bet – Waingroves Woodland:

I was kindly invited by Ladbrokes kindly to visit their local shop in Ripley and place a free £50 charity bet on the Grand National, with the hope of any proceeds going to a nominated charity. I placed my bet on Blaklion, with odds of 12/1. I’m delighted that Blaklion finished in 4th place, and the winnings have been donated to Waingroves Wood.

In Parliament:

Finance (Budget) Bill:

I recently spoke during the Second Reading of the Finance Bill to analyse some of the measures within it. The Finance Bill follows the Chancellor’s Budget and sets out taxes, exemptions, duties, tax reliefs and the administration of the tax system.

My speech addressed the additional tax avoidance measures within the Bill, the soft drinks levy and digital tax returns as well as considering the welcome corporation tax changes I called for. I also welcomed the Bill’s measures to encourage social investment, and used this as an opportunity to congratulate the Holbrook Community Society on their successful campaign to purchase and preserve the Spotted Cow in Holbrook.

You can read my full speech and the rest of the debate here.

Public Accounts Committee:

As Parliament is about to dissolve, the Public Accounts Committee published the results of our recent inquiries. Included in these were a report on the problems many experienced with the tax credits renewals process, and a paper highlighting concerns about the upgrade of emergency services communications. You can find all the reports and recommendations from these inquiries here.

Northern Ireland Affairs Committee:

In Northern Ireland Affairs Committee over last month, we continued to look at the potential impact of Brexit and the EU Referendum on Northern Ireland’s future borders. And, in the House, I asked the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland about his work with the Northern Ireland parties and Irish Government to help move towards a new Executive to run the devolved government in the country; you can find my question on future finance here.

The Committee’s also published the reports and recommendations from its recent inquiries, and you can find all of these here.


You can find my latest Derby Telegraph column, which looks at recent parliamentary business on social care and the situation in Syria, here.

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