Member of Parliament for Amber Valley


Local Plan Consultation

The Local Plan is out for consultation again following revisions made by the new administration at the Borough Council, including an increase in the number of homes needed, and significant changes to the locations where development has been proposed.

When I responded to the previous administration’s Local Plan, I said that I did not agree with their forecast for the need for homes, stating that it did not appear that the numbers would be deliverable or in fact in line with employment growth. The new administration has added yet 2,260 more, and so I can’t agree with the numbers of homes needed – it should be fewer.

I have of course always made representations to the Council about the need for a greater focus on brownfield sites – away from greenfield and greenbelt – and to avoid merging communities.

I’m particularly concerned about Lily Street Farm, about which many constituents have contacted me to raise concerns – concerning the proposed site itself, and the way in which it was introduced. They’re proposing between four and six-hundred houses and commercial land but introduced the option to the Council without putting it in briefing papers first, and subsequently ignored warnings that there was no evidence to support mixed-use development.

I really don’t think that Lily Street Farm is a suitable area for housing or commercial development of this size.

I will write to the Council before the consultation ends on Monday 8th September to raise all of my concerns. I will publish my response here.

I’d also urge any other concerned constituents to respond to the consultation here.