Member of Parliament for Amber Valley


Latest unemployment figures

Nigel at his fourth Jobs Fair, held in October 2015
Nigel at his fourth Jobs Fair, held in October 2015

I welcome recent new figures showing that the number of people in Amber Valley claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance was 144 lower than in October 2014, and 49 lower than in September 2015. This means that unemployment in Amber Valley is now less than 1.8%.

I’m delighted that youth unemployment is also falling. The number of claimants aged 18-24 in Amber Valley in October 2015 was 55 lower than in October 2014.

At more than 73 per cent, our employment rate has never been higher and it’s fantastic that we are moving towards the goal of full employment that we committed to in our manifesto, with jobs being created across Amber Valley.

The figures also show that average pay growth is now 3 per cent, while inflation is close to flat, which means working people across Amber Valley are seeing their wages grow – and our plan for a high-employment and high wage economy is working.

These figures are excellent news, but I am still committed to continuing to hold Jobs Fairs and other events to help even more people find work and training opportunities.