Member of Parliament for Amber Valley


Help Cut Taxes for Ordinary People

The Conservative-led Government has gone far on tax measures for hard-working people already, with scrapping the fuel duty escalator which has seen us keep petrol 13p a litre cheaper than it would be under Labour, along with scrapping the beer duty escalator, and increasing the Personal Allowance in Income Tax to £10,000 by next April, taking 3,000 of my constituents out of Income Tax altogether and cutting it by £700 for 33,000 more.

We have gone far on making work pay and rightly letting people keep more of their own money, but we should go further. Those that are paid the lowest should not be paying Income Tax when they’re doing the right thing and working hard. Cutting taxes are the only real way that the Government can help reduce the cost of living.

That’s why I am pleased to announce that I have launched a petition campaign to raise the Personal Allowance in Income Tax to track the level of the National Minimum Wage each year, which at today’s level would be £12,304.

This move would take 1,500 of my constituents currently working full-time on the National Minimum Wage out of Income Tax altogether, and cut it by £460 for 33,000 more.

I need your help to achieve this over the course of the next parliament. Stand with me in supporting ordinary people here in Amber Valley by signing my petition here.