Member of Parliament for Amber Valley


Heanor Hospital Update

Many of my constituents will be aware that I have started a petition to reopen Heanor Memorial Hospital, which you may sign it here.

Last Thursday saw the public meeting about the future of the hospital. I was there, and it was encouraging to see the numbers of people who turned out to show their support for the hospital – in fact, the location of the meeting had to be changed because so many were there.

The key points coming out of the meeting were:

  • The Clinical Commissioning Group committed that there would remain an NHS building on the hospital site – either the existing building or a new one;
  • There are some funds available for construction costs (if needed);
  • There is no plan in place for the site yet – the CCG are open to suggestions for what people would like on the site. There were strong suggestions that the Out Patient Services were critical to get back to Heanor. The overnight beds were noted by local Doctors to be more difficult to bring back and the new facility at Florence Shipley may be a more suitable option for that service.
  • Another meeting would be held in 3 months’ time to set out the CCG’s plans for the site – there would then be a 3 month formal consultation on any proposals;
  • The blood testing service should be returning to Heanor in the near future – the site proposed was the Old Fire Station, just off the market place.

The contact details for the CCG should you wish to send in your views are: Telephone – 01332 868677; email –

There was also an offer to organise some tours of the site if people were interested in seeing the condition of the building.

As soon as there are any further updates available on the hospital, I will provide it both here and via email to those that have signed my petition to re-open in.