Member of Parliament for Amber Valley


George Osborne and Nigel Mills visit Thorntons

On Tuesday 5th May, I invited the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne to visit Thorntons chocolate factory, the largest employer in Amber Valley. I invited him to Thorntons to meet with local hard working people, to highlight how the Conservatives have lowered taxes and stabilised the economy to benefit hard working people. This visit highlighted the importance of the Conservative long-term economic plan: giving hard working local people financial security.

Through investment in the area and support for local businesses, unemployment has fallen by over 60% here in Amber Valley. Under this Conservative Government we have helped great British businesses like Thorntons to grow, continue to employ hard working local people and expand their business through exports.

As well as reducing unemployment locally by over half since I was elected, this Conservative Government has also cut Income Tax for 36,000 people across Amber Valley – with 4,500 people taken out of tax altogether. A future Conservative Government would go even further, ensuring that those working a 30-hour week on the Minimum wage won’t pay any Income Tax at all, and cut it for thousands more of my constituents. Something I have campaigned on since I was elected.

I am pleased to represent a party that is committed to rewarding hard-working people and supporting local business and investment. It was fantastic to receive such a warm welcome from all those working hard on the night shift at Thorntons last night.

Following the visit, Chancellor George Osborne said: “Nigel has been a fantastic local MP for Amber Valley – for the last five years he has championed Amber Valley and the East Midlands. He has consistently argued for lower taxes for hard-working people in his constituency, like those he bought me to meet at Thorntons.

“We will increase the amount of money you can earn before paying tax to £12,500 because the Conservatives believe people should be able to keep more of their own money. So we will cut income tax for over 2 million people in the East Midlands and lift 100,000 more people out of income tax altogether.

“Ed Miliband would borrow more, spend more and put up taxes – and it would be hard-working families across the East Midlands who would pay the price.

“Under a weak Ed Miliband government, held hostage by the Scottish Nationalists, Amber Valley won’t get a look in. Transport projects in the East Midlands will get cancelled. Investments in science and industry to create new jobs won’t happen here.

“That is the critical choice in this election: to stick with David Cameron and a plan that is working, or to risk economic chaos if Ed Miliband, propped up by the SNP, gets into Downing Street. The only way to stop that happening is to vote for Nigel Mills and the Conservatives on May 7th.”