Member of Parliament for Amber Valley


Don’t Fail on Heart Failure

On 18th June I was pleased to attend the launch of the ‘Don’t Fail on Heart Failure’ campaign in Parliament.

While at the event, I met with patients and clinicians, and signed the campaign’s pledge (the full text of which is below).

Untreated, heart failure has a survival rate similar to cancer – and over a third die within 1 year of diagnosis.

As the constituency’s MP, I am determined to help heart failure patients in Amber Valley get the treatment they need to live their lives. The implantable devices I saw on the day take people from constant fatigue back into work. The NHS needs to make sure these life-enhancing technologies are available for those who need them.

Nigel signing the Don't Fail on Heart Failure pledge
Nigel signing the Don’t Fail on Heart Failure pledge
Nigel delivering a speech about the campaign
Nigel delivering a speech about the campaign

The Pledge:

“Heart failure affects 3 in very hundred women and 4 in every hundred men. Untreated, over a third die within a year of diagnosis. The UK needs to do better on heart failure to improve outcomes for patients.

“We should not leave heart failure suffers waiting to die. More should be done to improve patients’ quality of lives; better manage their condition to reduce unnecessary hospitalisations and save the NHS money; and help mortality from heart failure.

“Many people with heart failure also suffer from abnormal rhythms in their heart which can prove fatal. Implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) jolt the heart back into its natural rhythm when it goes out of rhythm. Cardiac resynchronisation therapy devices (CRT-Ds) help pace the heart to enable it to pump blood more efficiently and include a defibrillation function, offering protection from sudden cardiac death.

“We fully support efforts to raise awareness of heart failure and efforts to improve patient access to the latest cost effective medical technology for treating heart failure including ICDs and CRT-Ds.”