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Conference Announcements: Prime Minister’s Speech

At the recent Conservative Party Conference, the Prime Minister outlined new policies on a wide range of issues, from social housing to organ donation, to revolutionise some key markets and issues:

Affordable & Social Housing

  • The Prime Minister announced ‘a new generation of council houses to help fix our broken housing market’ by increasing the government’s affordable housing budget by £2 billion to more than £9 billion – and allowing homes to be built for social rent.
  • We will also provide stable investment environment for councils and housing associations to support the delivery of new homes by giving certainty over future social rents.

Review of university funding and student financing

  • The Prime Minister announced a major review of university funding and student financing – on top of the freezing of maximum fee rates and increasing the amount graduates can earn before they start repaying their fees to £25,000.

Energy Cap

  • The Prime Minister announced that we will shortly publish a draft Bill to put a price cap on energy bills and fix the broken energy market. This will allow Ofgem to put a cap on all standar variable tariffs, and end rip-off energy prices.

Mental Health Act

  • To tackle injustices in the use of the Mental Health Act, the Prime Minister  launched an independent review led by Professor Sir Simon Wessely, which will deliver better mental health treatment for people who need it.

Opt-out system for organ donation

  • Last year 500 people died waiting for a transplant because a suitable organ was not available. So to help more people, we will move to an opt-out system for organ donation.