Member of Parliament for Amber Valley


Cancellation of self-employed National Insurance increase

I welcome today’s decision by the Chancellor that the Government will not proceed with the increases to National Insurance for the self-employed announced in last week’s Budget.

In my speech to the House immediately following the Budget, and in public interviews afterwards, I highlighted that the proposed rise would be unwelcome news to people who are struggling and not getting all the rights they are entitled to, and that a tax rise which discourages any kind of activity is not attractive, especially when our economy is considerably reliant on self-employment.

On the doorsteps around Amber Valley last week, constituents shared these concerns, so I’m pleased the Chancellor has listened and confirmed there will be no National Insurance contribution increases in this Parliament.

We do need to ensure that employers who are disguising employment to avoid tax are prevented from doing so, but we need to ensure that the genuine self-employed are not unduly disadvantaged. I’m therefore pleased that the Chancellor has also announced the positive step that the review of the benefit entitlement differences between employed and self-employed people will be widened, so that it won’t just encompass the parental benefit differences.