Member of Parliament for Amber Valley

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Boris Johnson & Vote Leave visit David Nieper

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Nigel with Boris Johnson MP and Christopher Nieper

I was delighted to welcome Boris Johnson MP, Gisela Stuart MP and the Vote Leave campaign team to David Nieper in Alfreton on Monday 16th May.

Boris, Gisela and I were delighted to meet with David and Christopher Nieper to discuss how the EU is stifling small businesses in the UK, with over 714,000 pages of business regulations. David Nieper manufacture all their products in the heart of Amber Valley, but more than a third of their garments are exported to overseas customers around the world. Christopher Nieper was keen to stress that his clients have said that a vote to Leave the European Union on the 23rd June would have no impact on their exports as customers buy their products due to their fantastic British quality and unique designs.

Following a tour of the factory – which included sewing and ironing some Vote Leave flags – Boris Johnson gave a convincing speech to reinforce why we should vote to leave and took part in a Question and Answer session with some of the 230 local employees at David Nieper. Boris likened the EU to a ‘badly designed undergarment, too constricted in some places and too loose on others – not like the brilliant ones made at David Nieper!’ He also praised David Nieper’s concentration on upskilling local people rather than sourcing labour offshore, through their Sewing School, University Scholarships and the new David Nieper Education Trust.

As part of the Q&A session, Boris was asked about Britain’s personal achievements. He noted that Britain is the fifth biggest manufacturer in Europe (with Amber Valley being the fourth biggest manufacturer in the UK) emphasising that Britain can hold her own and go from strength to strength if we vote to leave on the 23rd June!