Member of Parliament for Amber Valley


Bombardier update

In the couple of weeks since I last posted an update there have been various developments including:

1) I, with local colleagues Jessica Lee MP, Heather Wheeler MP, Pauline Latham MP and Andrew Griffiths MP,  met with the Prime Minister to raise the concerns of the thousands of local people angered by this decision;

2) I attended my first Trade Union organised rally in support of Bombardier – see picture – what I think must be a unique cross-party rally attended by local MPs and councillors across the political spectrum

Nigel at the Bombardier rally in Derby

3) The National Audit Office are considering whether to review the procurement process – see letter linked on here.

4) The Derby Telegraph have also done sterling work on this whole issue including their story last week on the corruption allegations made against Siemens elsewhere in the world in recent years.

I will continue to do everything I can to press the Government to reverse this decision.