Member of Parliament for Amber Valley


Affordable Housing Event in Westminster

Affordable housing is something that comes up time and time again as a priority for my constituents, and I remain committed to ensuring my constituents are able to access affordable housing to meet their needs. To highlight the issue and discuss how to address the pressures on the affordable housing market, I invited Futures Housing Group to Parliament to consider this matter along with East Midlands MPs and regional stake holders.

As many of you will know,  I work closely  with Futures Housing Group on behalf of my constituents as they provide a valuable service to many of my constituents and their support in providing affordable housing locally is welcome. Earlier this week, I invited Futures Housing Group to Parliament to discuss pressures on the East Midlands affordable housing market and how to address them. The event was also attended by a number of the region’s MPs and other housing providers from across the East Midlands – it also featured on the BBC East Midlands Tonight programme!

I was delighted to host this event alongside Futures Housing Group, an Amber Valley housing provider who I work closely with in the constituency. It was a great opportunity to bring together key East Midlands housing providers including Nottingham City Homes, Fairgrove Homes, Rockingham Forest Housing Association, the Longhurst Group and Wellingborough Homes and regional MPs to discuss how the Government and these organisations can work together to boost the East Midlands economy and how to address the pressures on the regional housing market.