Member of Parliament for Amber Valley


A38 Noise Campaign Success – noise barriers to be installed

I’m delighted that Highways England have provided me with an update on the awful problem of A38 noise, which will hopefully mark a welcome and big step towards tackling the issue in one of its hotspots: Alfreton. Highways England recently carried out a site visit to analyse the potential design and construction of noise barriers near the A38 at Alfreton. This site is recognised as a noise important area and an initial feasibility study has supported the recommendation that a noise barrier is the most effective treatment to reduce noise levels at this location.

As a result of the visit, I’m pleased that Highways England are now drawing up plans for the new noise barriers, with construction expected to start during the 2018/2019 financial year – subject to the availability of funding and road space.

This is a welcome step to solve this long-running problem in one of the areas most affected, and I will keep you updated as their plans progress. I will also, of course, continue to campaign for some of the other areas affected, such as Ripley and Coxbench, to also benefit from measures to alleviate the problem.

Nigel with Ian Holmes, Highways England’s noise specialist, during a tour of the A38 noise hotspots in Amber Valley earlier this year